School Life

High Quality Food

Local butcher’s sausages from coughtreys in Pulborough with creamy mash, apple crumble and custard, watermelon, pineapple, pasta Bolognese, herb omelettes, homemade soups and beautiful salads. These are just some of the dishes that our creative, in-house catering team prepare daily for our community.

We recognise how important food is to the wellbeing and performance of your son or daughter.

We take a great deal of pride in our food. Our meat and vegetables are all purchased through local, well-regarded suppliers, including charliesfarmshop

Sample menus can be seen on the right.  These change from term to term and according to the seasons.

Older pupils are offered a choice of two delicious main courses, or a hot or cold salad. Pupils can then add homemade soup, smaller salad bowls, puddings, yoghurts and fruits. There are no limits on portion size, all we ask is that pupils eat what they take.

The younger pupils are served at their table. A set meal is prepared for this age group. However, we always have different dishes available if the food is not to their liking. No child ever goes hungry.

Staff dine with pupils and good table manners and conversation are actively encouraged.

Our boarders are also served breakfast and supper at school. There is always plenty of choice, and a freshly-prepared, nutritious offer.

Parents are more than welcome to visit the school and try our lunches by appointment.


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