Pre Prep School

Pre-Prep School

Welcome to Dorset House Pre-Prep. Our Pre-Prep is a place of laughter and excitement. We strive to inspire our pupils to develop a love of learning through teaching that is stimulating, creative and challenging. We make the most of our idyllic location, nestled in woodland and on the banks of the River Arun, through outdoor learning and Forest School. We have excellent teachers and support staff who work together to assess the children’s progress and development.

Dorset House prides itself on being one big family. The children in the Pre-Prep regularly spend their morning break times playing with older children in the woods. It is not uncommon to find football matches taking place where the players range in age from 5 to 13! The Pre-Prep mix together for various occasions throughout the year such as at Christmas and for Pre-Prep Science and Maths mornings. We have Pre-Prep assemblies once a week where we promote friendship, respect and tolerance of others.

In the Pre-Prep, children begin their learning through a variety of play-based activities in Reception, and gradually move on to more formal methods of teaching as they progress through Key Stage 1 and into Year 3. Our pupils enjoy bright, stimulating classrooms and have the opportunity to use the ICT suite, Science Lab, Music School and sports facilities that we share with the Prep school. Reception and Year 1 have direct access onto the outdoor learning area and we have a Forest School site within our school grounds.

“Pupils show great tolerance and respect for each other, and responsibility towards other people. Throughout their time in the school pupils develop their self-esteem and confidence, recognising their own strengths and weaknesses.” (ISI 2012).