Pre Prep School


In our Reception class we provide a warm, safe and caring atmosphere in which all children can thrive. We pride ourselves on knowing all our children as individuals and the staff are committed to encouraging children to become confident, independent and above all happy learners. It is during this year that the children are taught to begin reading and writing, and the close links between Reception and Year 1 mean that the transition into the Pre-Prep is made as smooth as possible.

We make the most of our very special location and the children are in touch with nature. The outdoor environment is very important in our children’s learning and we go for nature walks along the banks of the river and have weekly sessions of Forest School, either in the school woods or other local areas.

The Reception classrooms are situated on the ground floor of the Pre-Prep building, and they have direct access to outside learning areas, with a bark chip adventure area for playtimes.

Examples of Reception topics are:

  • All about me
  • Journeys
  • Dinosaurs
  • Celebrations
  • Growing things