Pre Prep School

Transition to Prep

In Year 4, children transition from the Pre-Prep to the Prep.  They move from the `Champs’ building to `Wildbrooks’, which houses children up to Year 8.  This transition is made easier as they continue to have their own class teacher and they follow a similar timetable to Year 3.  The curriculum is broadly based on Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum and children have many `hands on’ experiences as well as building the core skills in Maths and English.  The children continue to benefit from the expertise of specialist teachers for Science, French, Music, Games and PE and there is an opportunity for some extension Maths classes.

The highlight for many comes during the Autumn term when pupils step back in time to World War II in a cross-curricular project.  The children gain a sense of how it might have felt to have been a child in the war, complete with a train journey as they are `evacuated’ to the Manor at Dorset House.  They create a wartime scrapbook and even do some wartime cooking, knitting and sewing and learn the delights of the wartime diet – including Spam fritters!