Pre Prep School

Year 2

Year 2 takes children through to the end of Key Stage 1 and is the time when most children secure many of their early key skills as learners. We aim to enthuse and inspire everyone, whilst instilling a life-long love of literature. Pupils learn to compose more detailed stories and develop their understanding of language. Through the twelve strands below we build upon our early learning in Year 1 and progress through to the end of Key Stage 1 preparing for the step up to Key Stage 2.

  • Speaking
  • Listening and responding
  • Group discussion and interaction
  • Drama
  • Word recognition, coding and decoding
  • Word structure and spelling
  • Understanding and interpreting texts
  • Engaging and responding to text
  • and shaping texts
  • Text structure and organisation
  • Sentence structure and punctuation
  • Presentation

Children experience a wide range of high-quality, fiction, non-fiction and poetry, all linked to the topic covered in each half term.

Examples of Year 2 topics are:

  • Snow and Ice
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Zoo
  • Africa