School Life

Leadership Programme

Pupil leadership provides an opportunity for children to participate actively in the decision-making processes at our school.

Children are encouraged to take on leadership roles in an endeavour to increase their own leadership skills, act as effective role models for the pupil body and offer responsible service to their school and peers. We also offer practical leadership and development opportunities to enhance teamwork, communication skills, problem-solving and initiative thus preparing our children for all that lies ahead at senior school.

The programme builds as the children progress through the school and the highlights for many are the Year 7 trip to Snowdon.  This is the ultimate test of teamwork, leadership and communication skills in order to reach the summit of Mount Snowdon. There is a preparation phase to get acclimatised and learn the necessary skills, followed by the challenge to reach the summit of the highest mountain in Wales. The accommodation is a mix of camping in barns and under canvas; teams are completely self-sufficient. The team performance is carefully facilitated to ensure that all the children have a fulfilling and exciting experience.

Another highlight is the post-Common Entrance residential trip to Skern Lodge in Devon where children experience: high ropes, abseiling, canoeing, surfing and tunnelling.  This is the perfect antidote to exam stress and is invaluable in terms of preparation for the next stage in the children’s lives.

Through our Leadership Programme, we aim to:

  • Provide opportunities for children to play a significant and effective role in the decision making processes of our school.
  • Provide an opportunity for children to become skilled in all aspects of leadership.
  • Ensure that pupil leaders are positive role models for other children.
  • Provide a democratic forum where all children are represented by a peer leader.
  • Demonstrate and uphold the school’s values and Code of Conduct.

We do this in the following way:

RECEPTION & YEAR 1:  Assemblies, charity events

YEAR 2:  Assemblies, charity events, lunch helper, book monitor, School Council

YEAR 3:  Leadership day, assemblies, charity events, School Council

YEAR 4:  Leadership day, School Council, library, assemblies, charity events,

YEAR 5:  Leadership weekend in Sussex, School Council, team captains

YEAR 6  Leadership weekend in the Brecon Beacons, School Council, Boarding Council, team captains

YEAR 7  Leadership trip to Wales, team captains, School Council, Boarding Council

YEAR 8  Adventure training at Skern Lodge, prefects, School Council, Boarding Council, House captains, Head of Choir, Head of Orchestra, team captains, Open Day guides, mentoring, Library monitor, Science monitor