Prep School

Modern Foreign Languages

The French Department believe that communication in a foreign language is an active process and so every child, from Reception to Year 8 is encouraged to participate in class. As children progress through the school, equal emphasis is placed on listening, speaking, reading a writing tasks. However there are always a wide variety of communicative activities, planned in a way that allows pupils to enjoy using language as much as possible, so that they grow in confidence. Pupils have access to various websites, both at school and at home, including, Linguascope and Vocab Express. They are encouraged to take part in competitions such as a French presentation and poetry competition and we watch an annual performance from a French theatre company.

There is also a residential trip to the Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy which immerses the children in the French language as they enjoy canoeing, fencing, archery, climbing, orienteering and bread making.

The French Department aims to:

  • Foster a love of language and an enthusiasm for other cultures
  • Lay a firm foundation for future study
  • Appreciate the value of learning a foreign language through a rigorous yet fun environment