Prep School


It is clear that there is very little in our daily lives that does not have Mathematics at its core and we use this fact to inspire our pupils through practical experimentation using equipment, didactic teaching, rote learning and investigation. The aim of the Maths Department is to ensure that children enjoy the subject and feel their confidence grow as they become more familiar with the concepts involved. We believe that a range of different approaches is key to the subject and we aim to find the right approach for each child. Through individual, paired and group working, children produce written work, displays, projects and data handling techniques.

The Maths Department aims to:

  • Provide children with a sound grasp of number
  • Develop a systemactic approach to solving problems
  • Encourage confidence by practice
  • Allow children to express themselves coherently and accurately, using a wide range of techniques
  • Enable children to enjoy their studies and take the subject as far as they can