Prep School


Geography asks four questions: who, what, when and how? The department helps to develop pupils’ understanding of maps and graphs. Pupils develop describing and explaining skills, and we encourage and develop higher order skills such as analysis and evaluation.
We follow the National Curriculum which studies the traditional Geography topics such as rivers and population, but also more modern topics that are driven by globalisation, technological change, sustainability and climate change.

In Year 8 all pupils attend a three day residential fieldtrip to Swanage where fieldwork is carried out to support learning in class, and to collect primary data for their coursework project. This project is a requirement of the Common Entrance exam to their senior schools, and is worth 20% of the final exam.

The Geography Department aims to:

  • Stimulate an interest in the World
  • Foster a sense of enquiry, studying human, physical and environmental issues
  • Develop a knowledge of places, an understanding of natural processes, and trends within population, urbanisation and development