Prep School


A study of Latin and Classical Civilisation is of benefit to every child. The curriculum offers a range of linguistic experiences, focusing on the skill of accurate translation and the learning of vocabulary which aids children’s memory skils. Academic rigour is essential in preparing pupils for their Common Entrance examinations and for successful understanding of the complexities of both Latin and English

In Year 8, after Common Entrance, pupils learn Classical Greek. Study of the alphabet is followed by learning how the language works. The achievements of the Ancient Greeks are also studied. Pupils are given the basic linguistic skills necessary to study this fascinating and influential period in history in greater depth. It also opens the door to being able to read some of the world’s finest literature, including Homer, Plato, Greek tragedians and the New Testament, in their original form.

The Classics Department aims to:

  • Enhance pupil’s own command of language
  • Raise awareness of the nuances of words, (a skill essential for smooth and successful communication in all aspects of life)
  • Encourage a love of learning for its own sake
  • Help pupils to develop a tolerant approach to aspects of culture that are unfamiliar
  • Introduce pupils to the language of Ancient Greece