What our Parents say about us


I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our daughter’s transition to Dorset House. She has settled really well and she is enjoying her lessons. It is like someone has turned a switch on in her; she enthusiastically talks about what she has covered in school in a way that she has never done before. It is everything we hoped for and more. Of particular note is Sarah Hobrow’s input – she is an exceptional teacher. She is so inspiring and energetic and has been very proactive and responsive to any issues I have raised. Sarah is a huge asset to the school and our daughter is very fond of her.  Feel free to share my comments. We are often quick to complain but don’t always take the time to give compliments.

‘The decision to send our son to DH has genuinely been one of our best decisions to date. From the very beginning, DH made us feel very welcome.  We feel DH offers a very nurturing environment and genuinely cares for the welfare of all children.  Traditional values still stand, and are so crucial in a child’s upbringing.  We feel this has given our son the best possible start with his education, and we are confident this will give him the tools he will need for a successful happy life.  The communication we receive from DH is second to none and gives us confidence and awareness of what the children have been up to each and every week.

Since our daughter started Reception in September last year, we have been delighted with her progress.  Interestingly, this is not just the education itself (which is course is at a highest possible level), but more in the social skills, and the fact that children are taught how best to deal with certain situations from such an early age.  In my mind, this is just as important if not more important than the fundamentals of a child’s education in the early years. Yes, the usually expected smaller class sizes, more resources available and nicer environment to learn in are ever present at DH (as you should expect in any private school), but for us, it’s more about the nurturing environment and focus on values, principles and overall social skills that benefit all the children.

Overall, we cannot rate DH highly enough.  Is it a big commitment to send your children to private school – yes it is.  But is this commitment a price worth paying for your child’s future and to give them the best possible start in life – yes it is without reservation.

I watch my twins flourish daily. They each bring home a wealth of knowledge & brand new skills from Dorset House that they’ve absorbed in so many exciting and imaginative ways. I love to hear their detailed recounts of adventures whilst wading through ponds, their stories of blossoming friendships, their sentences in French and of course their debates about favourite teachers! They love going to school every day and as a result are continuing to grow into well-rounded and very happy little boys.  DH is proving to be one of our best decisions for our small people!

We recently made a huge family move from Lincolnshire to West Sussex which was a challenging time for our daughter and she joined Dorset House in Year 7. Right from her very first day, she could not have asked for a warmer welcome – she has had great support not only in having to catch up on a different curriculum but the pastoral care has also been brilliant. There is such a ‘family’ feel, with genuine care and concern for each other, which has been invaluable in settling her so well. It is just a shame she joined so late!