Boarding Options

Full boarding is no longer the preferred choice of many parents and we find that our flexi-boarding offering, (Monday to Thursday), means that starting out as a boarder at Dorset House does not have to be the overwhelming experience, for both parents and children, that full boarding can be. 

Children can choose to start in Year 5 with just one night a week when they feel ready and often this may be organised with a friend who is new to the experience as well.  

Our aim is to provide a safe, caring and friendly environment for boarders, as we do for all pupils. This means that children ultimately feel happy. Following a busy school day, children enter the Boarding House and enjoy spending time with their friends. They also enjoy the extensive range of activities which are on offer each evening.  

Children of different ages talk and play together happily and we encourage children to enjoy friendships across different Year groups. Pupils feel fortunate to be part of such a close-knit Boarding House. 

Dorset House prides itself on its pastoral care and we ensure that any problems are dealt with swiftly and effectively. Children can talk to a number of different people: Houseparents, Housetutors, Matrons, Gap students or our Independent Listener. 

It is true that boarding is not necessarily right for everyone but we hope that children will be encouraged by all that they hear from their boarding peers. When the time feels right it is possible to have a taster night to get a feel for how boarding works before any commitment is made and of course, parents are always very welcome to visit the boarding house and ask any questions.