Bursaries are available for entry to the school. Please ask at the admissions stage if you are interested in further information. The following is an extract from our Admissions Policy:

  • Parents or guardians may apply to the Governors for a bursary by completing a form which is available from the Bursar.
  • Existing parents who are experiencing genuine financial difficulties may also apply.
  • Bursaries are means tested and parents will be required to provide detailed financial information and may be asked to meet with the Bursar in relation to their application. Both parents are required to provide proof of income, assets and liabilities.
  • The level of support varies according to parental need but is typically in the range of 5% to 30% of school fees; only rarely are higher awards made. Parents need to demonstrate that they are able to afford the remaining fees.
  • The award of a bursary is initially for 12 months but may be renewed thereafter.
  • The level of bursary and parents’ current financial circumstances are reviewed annually.
  • The award of a bursary is highly confidential and entirely at the discretion of the Bursaries Committee of the Governing Body.