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Eco-Prefect Plants Tree

As part of the Queen’s Green Canopy campaign, Ollie Godfrey (12), who is in his last year at Dorset House School, Bury, planted a beech tree today at Northwood, on the National Trust’s estate at Slindon. Over the last seven years, the National Trust has undertaken its largest woodland restoration project ever, planting 15,000 trees on the 185-acre Northwood, which was cleared for food production in both World Wars of the 20th Century. Until quite recently, the area which has now been planted up, was shown on maps as ‘War Ag fields’, reflecting the role of the old War Agricultural Executives in requiring land to be ploughed up for the growing of cereals and vegetables. Now, woodland will in due course cover the area of a medium-sized farm, with all the environmental benefits that gives rise to. Ollie, who is one of his school’s two ‘Eco-Prefects’ and is involved in a number of environmental initiatives on the school campus, said, ‘It was great to see what the National Trust are doing at Northwood and to make a contribution to the project’.


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