School Life


Belonging to a House is a very important part of the children’s lives at Dorset House.

There are four houses: Sims, Wilkinson, Hutchinson and Munro.  These are named after past Headmasters of the school.  All children are allocated a House from Reception up and points are awarded for good work, behaviour, kindness and helpfulness.  Each week, two children from each Year group will earn a `Special Mention’ for the points they have earned and will receive a tuck voucher which can be exchanged for tuck or stationery.  The children enjoy the competition of the House system and Inter-House competitions are held in Sport and Music and even a Pancake Race! The termly totals of House Points are eagerly anticipated.  House meetings are held several times each term to discuss issues pertaining to the school. Siblings are placed in the same House.

At the end of the Summer Term, the most successful House will be rewarded with the Winning House Outing and tension builds as the winners from Sports’ Days and Swimming Galas add to their Houses’ points total.