Joining Us

Admissions Process

Parents of prospective pupils visit the school in order to meet the Headmaster who will take them on a tour of the school.

Following the visit, the Registrar will follow up with parents and those who would like to progress their application complete a Registration Form and return this together with a £50 Registration fee.

Parents must notify the school of any special educational needs or disability at this stage – this includes a copy of all reports prepared by an Educational Psychologist where available.

Parents should forward the most recent copies of the child’s school report to the Registrar before “taster days” are booked.

Prospective pupils are invited to attend “taster days”. These are in order for children to meet future classmates and staff and to experience life at Dorset House.

If a space is available and it is determined that Dorset House is the right school for the child in question, an Offer and Acceptance Form will be sent; acceptance of this offer will confirm a child’s place at the school.

A deposit of £750 is due within 12 months of the entry date. The deposit is held by the school and is carried over from term to term until the pupil leaves the school. The deposit (without interest) will then be refunded by means of a credit to the pupil’s final bill; If there is any remaining credit balance of the deposit, this will be refunded by cheque.

Places offered are secured only by the receipt of the Offer and Acceptance Form, together with the deposit.